Section 155 : Submission of documents by foreign companies
1) A foreign company which makes an application for its registration or for the establishment of its liaison office pursuant to Section 154 shall submit to the Office the following details, along with the application:

(a) Permission obtained by the foreign company from the competent authority to carry on its business or transaction in Nepal;

(b) Copies of the charter, certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association, articles of association of the company, and Nepalese translation thereof;

(c) Full name, address of the registered office and principal place of business of the company, date of incorporation of the company, description of the paid up capital and major objectives of such company;

(d) Names, addresses of directors, manage, company secretaries or main officers of the company and description of their citizenship;

(e) Name and address of the person residing or staying in the Nepal ,who is authorized by the company to receive, on its behalf, any summons, notice etc. issued in the name of the company;

(f) Full address of the principal place where the company carries on its transaction or business in Nepal and of the office of the company situated in that place;

(g) Where the company is to carry on any transaction or business in the State of Nepal, details of the proposed investment and transaction;

(h) Where the company is to commence its transaction in Nepal, the proposed date thereof;

(i) A declaration made by a director of the company or his/her representative, on behalf of the company, that the matters contained in the returns submitted by the company are true and correct;

(j) Power of attorney as referred to in Section 157.

2) Where any amendment or alteration is made to or in the contents of any document submitted by any foreign company pursuant to Sub-section (1), a notice, accompanied by the details of such amendment or alteration, shall be given to the Office no later than thirty five days.

3) While submitting any such documents issued outside Nepal or copies thereof as required to be submitted pursuant to Sub-section (1), they have to be certified pursuant to the law of the country of registration of the foreign company.